Apple is reviewing iphone prices globally and will reduce them in some countries

Apple unveiled its first quarter of 2019 in the last few hours, with a 15% decline in the iphone from the previous year to the same quarter, which is considered to be a disappointment to the company in comparison to its expectations, where the CEO in the statement of the beginning of January the reason for this decline of the crises facing In the Chinese market and some other factors affecting the global economy.

In the context of the company’s response to the shortcomings in the iphone sales, Tim Cook said the company decided to return to prices that were in line with those domestically imposed last year in hopes of helping revive sales in other international markets, according to his remarks during a Reuters interview with him yesterday.

Explaining that Apple has always adopted the dollar’s currency routinely in the pricing of its devices, which has led to an international cost increase for the consumer by comparing it with the local currencies in other areas that have suffered weakness during the past year, which resulted in the increase of the price of the iphone domestically and in view For the dependencies of this difference the company’s decision to reduce it in some countries but without mentioning any other details.

This seems to be one of the factors that led to the decline in sales of the iphone during this quarter but must consider the decline of the shipments of smartphones globally in general and in China in particular where the phone shipments in it decreased by 14% for the year 2018 from a precedent, due to several factors including the retention of a lot of the Who have their phones from previous versions to be satisfied with the techniques available in them.

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