Apple offers its users 10% extra credit when charging their accounts in App Store and itunes

Apple has announced an additional credit to users when transferring money from their credit card to their accounts via Apple ID to make purchases for applications in the APP Store or ITunes music tracks as well as cloud services via ICloud, where the additional balance is 10% of the amount The adapter for the Apple ID account.

The user can charge the account by going to the settings and choose ITunes & App Store and through it can access the Apple ID and by clicking on it will show its window showing the terms of shipping the account with the company announcement to the date of the benefit of the additional balance campaign until March 14, i.e. the offer will expire during Three days.

The property is also available for the ITunes desktop version where you can access the display by accessing the account and then clicking on the demo icon and then Apple ID and once you click on any of the available shipping options will be added to the account directly without requiring confirmation of the operation by entering a password or Touch ID as is the case We performed the operation of the iphone.

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