Apple will allow developers to control subscription rates with their applications and make multiple discounts

According to the TechCrunch website, Apple will enable the developers and manufacturers of IOS and Mac to gain greater control over the subscription rates of their applications after the end of the trial period or the promotional discount period, as well as the number of times that the applicant can offer the user discount offers on Subscription periods.

As the current system does not allow the application developer to be free to control the price, once the user logs in to the application or service to be used and the end of the discount period, he must pay a fixed amount per month and cannot benefit from a discount again at all.

However, in the new policy that Apple will launch, the developer has several options to offer discounts on subscriptions, whether for old or even new subscribers, and it becomes possible to reduce the prices for a temporary period within the holidays that are very popular on this side as well as the anniversary For a particular game or service, or even any offer that fits the user, being “flyers”, they’ll be able to take advantage of 10 different bid bids for a single subscription.

Discounted promotional rates will not be displayed on the App Store due to the differences in price that subscribers will receive as per their respective offer within the specified time period, and this step follows the company’s announcement of its work on integrating application usage with a unified base on all operating systems. It has a way of facilitating the user.

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