Ariana Grande “Thank U, next” made 92 million views in just 4 days

The latest songs of the Young American singer, Ariana Grande, made a record number of views on the YouTube website, just 24 hours after it’s launch.

The song “Thank U, next” reached 92 million hits on Monday, since it was put on “youtube ” On Friday, November 30, November.

The song attracted more than 50 million hits, in the first 24 hours of its launch, shattering the record numbers for most views within that period.
The song “Thank U, next” is full of references to the most famous women’s films in the first decade of the current century, including “mean Girl” and “Legally bland” and “13 Going on 30 ” and “Bring it on”, in addition to the appearance of countless celebrities, such as Chris Jenner, the mother of fashion model Famous American Kim Kardashian, Troy Salevan, as well as the starts of the film “mean girl” Jonathan Bennett and Stephanie Drummond.

The song also bears reference to the recent secession of Ariana Grande from the team member of the American comedy program, “Snl”, Pete Davidson, in addition to its previous relations with Mac Miller, Flushing Sen and Ricky Alvarez.

The song “Thank U, Next” ranked first of 100 in the Musical magazine “Bellboard” list, after its launch in November.

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