Aston Martin unveils new pictures of the super Valkyrie

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  • aston-martin-valkyrie-3

Perhaps Valkyrie is the most attractive Aston Martin ever in the company’s history.

Valkyrie is not just another car of Aston Martin, it is the embodiment of the best that the company has reached in terms of performance, and because the production of a superhero car like Valkyrie is not a simple work the Aston cooperated with a number of specialized engineering companies such as Cosworth company specializing in high performance engines and responsible for The strongest natural breathing engine ever found in Valkyrie produces 1,130 hp.

The car also comes with a brake recovery system from rimack development.

Don’t forget the main partner of Aston Martin, the Redbull racing team.

In her new album, Valkyrie comes with two degrees of blue and black color for the interior, which is decorated with Formula One technologies, sports seats and carbon fiber.

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