Barbie learn girls programming skills

The famous Barbie doll began working in a new profession as a robot engineer, to learn the programming skills of young girls.

Mattel, the maker of the games, said the new doll launched on Tuesday aims to encourage young girls from the age of seven to learn real programming skills, thanks to partnership with the platform, “Tinker” to teach programming that depends on children’s games.

The Barbie robot wears jeans, a striped white shirt, a denim jacket and glasses.

The Doll comes with six programming lessons designed to teach logic programming and problem solving.

The lessons show the girls how to make a robot and make it move in a dance or jumping exercises, according to Reuters.

According to statistics from the US Department of Commerce, women occupied only 24 percent of science, technology, engineering and math jobs in 2017.

Barbie has worked in more than 200 professions for nearly 60 years, including a president, video game developer and space pioneer.

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