Benefits of soy milk for skin

Soy milk is known as one of the alternative milk drinks that replace the status of cow’s milk on the table, because soy milk contains all the health and nutritional benefits of conventional milk, but soy milk contains less calcium than other milk substitutes, And the proportion of fat and cholesterol levels are low, and therefore, it is a useful drink to lose weight.

How is soy milk obtained?
Soy milk Soy milk can be obtained by soaking soybeans in the water for a whole night, then placed in the electric mixer, and added to the amount of filtered water to suit the amount of soybeans to be converted into milk, can also add flannel, sugar or honey On the ingredients, then mix well, and drain, and kept in the refrigerator, and may not save soy milk in the refrigerator for more than one week.

Soy milk syrup can be prepared from the age of soybeans with its own time machine, extracting the succulent juices from soybeans. However, this method requires a long time in preparation, in addition to the accuracy of work and separation of oil and milk extracted from the age of soybeans manually .

What is soy milk syrup made from nutritional values?

Soy milk syrup contains a high proportion of proteins needed by the body, as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Soy milk contains 30% vitamin A, contains 15% iron content, 9% calcium, One of the soy milk, which can be obtained by a protein of 22%, in addition to the proportion of starches valued at 4%, and the proportion of fiber does not exceed 12%, and for fat, soy milk contains 11% Of fat,

Benefits of soy milk for skin
Soy Milk A wide range of skin health benefits can be obtained when eating one cup of soy milk daily. It nourishes skin cells, keeps them flexible and moist naturally without resorting to other chemical preparations, and prevents the appearance of spots Black on the face, and also prevents the emergence of acne and treat it radically, as well as contain antioxidants that help to maintain the skin free of wrinkles, for as long as possible, and works the work of the sunscreen, which protects the skin from the sun, And reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Soy milk works to protect the skin and keep it strong, because it contains a high percentage of protein that produces collagen, which renews skin cells periodically and naturally, and it is worth mentioning, that the development of a daily mask on the skin of the face, helps to purify the skin Of impurities and pimples.

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