Bentley asks college students to visualize their cars in 2050 (photos)

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Car companies have always sought to work on future projects, visualize the future of the company and its fleet, and always develop technologies to accelerate progress.

This makes Bentley turn to students of the Royal College of Arts at the University of London and asks them to visualize their cars in 2050.

Today, we live in an exciting period in the history of cars. The daily development of technology and design makes the concept of cars more than 30 years difficult, we can see the designs that appeared in the projects of students in a period not exceeding ten years today.

Many of the projects presented to Bentley have shown that cars will all be self-driving in the future and the possibility of the presence of Sky-Terrain aircraft instead of the ground. Some photos also showed advanced techniques in the interior of cars that will enrich driving experience for drivers in the future.

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