Billion dollars waiting for the lucky owner in the American mega-lottery prize

The U.S. mega-lottery prize jumped to nearly $1 billion ahead of Friday’s raffle draw to record the highest value ever for the award, and the second highest value for the US lottery prize in the history of the United States after the The Golden Baobab Prize, which stood at 1.586 billion dollars and paid in 2016.

The mega-lottery prize jumped from 667 million dollars on Tuesday when no one was win in the six lucky numbers.

The prize draw will take place Friday at 11 p.m. Eastern United States time (0300 GMT Saturday).

A raffle prize of 430 million dollars is being held separately on Saturday.

The immediate value of the mega-money prize is 548 million dollars, but it can rise to 960 million dollars and be paid over 29 years.

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