BMW officially announce the first X7 SUV ever

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Here comes finally the BMW first X7, the most luxurious BMW SUV ever.

BMW is included in the class of large luxury SUV, and comes with a design that distinguishes it from BMW cars with its basic details, although it keeps the broad design lines shared with its BMW sisters, and to enable it to compete, the X7 will carry the latest BMW technologies and systems for performance and safety and entertainment.

Starting with the design, the X7 interface features a classic BMW grille featuring sleek in-middle interference, plus slim lamps that keep the BMW style dividing the lamps into 4 units with a prominent chrome line on the front bumper that adds a dimension to the design, while most SUV’s face Consistent, the X7 excels in a brilliant way.

The elegance of the car extends on both sides with aluminium lines and dimensions consistent with classical rims suited to different categories of the vehicle, and the rear features a wide range of lamps connected with a chrome line that interferes with the design of lamps and two peripheral exhaust exits integrated in the design of the rear bumper.

The interior design in turn comes in a typical BMW style in the design of the center console tilted toward the driver, but the classical design hides modern techniques with the operation system of the BMW 7.0 connected to the two screens in the center console measuring 12.3 inches each and the BMW system Live Cockpit Professional, the interior design comes in two colors mainly, and speaking of the most luxurious BMW van X7 will accommodate 7 passengers and can be ordered with a second row of two independent seats to accommodate 6 passengers, and whatever the option, all passengers will have a unique experience by providing 4 air conditioning control areas and ample spaces for everyone.

X7 comes with upgraded safety systems including an active cruise control system with stand and start, Driving Assistant Professional with steering wheel stability Assist, track change assistance, track departure alert, side collision protection and warning from Intersections, road priority alarm and reverse-directional alarm there are emergency brakes that work with peripheral cameras and glass-reflected display screens in front of the driver, and if those systems fail, the emergency call system will work directly to request help, and all of those specifications are standard in X7.

Mechanically the BMW X7 can carry multiple engines including a 6 cylinder engine for the xdrive40i class and produces 340 horsepower and achieves acceleration 0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, the V8 engine for the XDrive50i class produces 462 hp and achieves acceleration 0-100 km/h in 5.4 seconds and there are 6 cylinder diesel engines producing 265 hp for the xdrive30d class and 400 Hasa N for the M50d class that achieves acceleration 0-100 km/h in 5.4 seconds also.

BMW X7 will be available in most of the world markets in months and BMW has opened the car book for a deposit of 3,750 riyals equivalent, while the price of the car starts at the equivalent of 281,000 riyals for the xdrive40i category and equivalent to 352,000 riyals for the xDrive50i category.

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