Bugatti launches cars for wealthy children

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Bugatti Car company decided to recycle a car dedicated to wealthy children.

The newspaper “USA Today” that “Bugatti ” re-manufactured its car after having already made 500 cars like “small bogatti 1 ” From 1927 to 1936.

The world’s famous 35-style company has regained the race of cars, inspired by the car “Petite Bugatti 2 ” or “Bugatti Baby 2 “, dedicated to wealthy children.
The “small Bugatti 2 ” feature that its size will be about three-quarters of the original “model 35 ” and therefore can be led by adults.

The company supplied the car with an electric motor, with various options and preferences to control its capabilities, such as the Child property , where the speed of the car does not exceed 20 km, and the
adult property and speed up to 45 km per hour.

The company added a choice for faster speed by selecting the speed switch, where the speed limits are eliminated in this option, and provided with power-generator brakes for charging batteries.

The price of the car is expected to be around $34, which is “very underrated” compared to the black car “la Voator noir “, which was finally announced, with a price of more than $12 million.

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