Canadian star John James McMurray killed while filming video clip on airplane

The risk of showing your work in better way is a method that a Canadian singer followed while working, but he paid for it very dearly in an awful incident.

While singing on a flying wing, Canadian singer John James McMurray was killed in a new video clip that was supposed to be released soon.

Despite his capacitor training, McMurray could not master it during the filming, resulting in his immediate death.

The small plane that Makmori stopped on its wing lost control, and there was no time for McMurray to launch his air parachute.

The body of the 34-year-old singer was found in a field north of Vernon, British Columbia province, western Canada.

McMurray went to sing after he retired from snow skiing because of a back injury, but he always wanted to show his bold character.

McMurray previously filmed a video clip in a Selin way while skating from a snowy plateau.

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