Chile authorities punish Cathy Barriga after the Kiki dance (video)

The Chilean mayor has been fined by local authorities for exploiting her career to perform the famous Kiki dance, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the source, Mayo’s mayor, Cathy Barriga, appeared in a video that challenged Kiki, under the tunes of singer Drake.

The act angered the local authorities, which accused it of misuse of “public property”, to perform the sensational dance.

Cathy Barriga will pay a fine of 10 percent of her monthly salary of $ 7,909.

“I regret and regret this decision at the same time,” said one commentator on the video. “Why do the authorities focus on a 23-second video and pay no attention to the ever-increasing corruption in the country?”

In August, Kiki’s dance spread over social media, representing some of the movements of the song “My May Flowers.”

Kiki’s madness spread across the world, where thousands of participants danced in the streets with their cars door open, but some countries imposed fines on the perpetrators, posing a threat to the safety of the people.

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