China discovers a giant cave that accommodates two pyramids

A team of explorers found a huge hidden cave, located at the end of a giant pit, in China’s Guangxi province.

The cave, which was discovered earlier in October, reached about 6.7 million cubic meters, a size sufficient to “put two huge pyramids” inside, for example.

To reach the cave “Invisible “, a team of Chinese and British explorers descended into the 200-metre-long hollow of “Nogli “, using only one rope, according to the site “Daily Mail “.

Such large gaps occur because of the interplay between underground water and soil erosion, a process that leads to the collapse of soils and rocks.

At the end of the hollow, there are two connected areas inside the cave, according to the footage from the “euronews ” That was recorded on the site.

The expedition, launched on October 4, was led by the geological expert Zhang Youhee of the Karst Research Institute, part of the Chinese Academy of Geosciences, along with Andy Ives of the International Cave Association .

The entrance to the cave is approximately 100 metres, while the cave itself is about 200 metres long. The deepest point in the cave is 118 meters deep.

After a three-dimensional scanning of the cave Hall, the team also discovered a “sub-hall” inside the cave, with a width of 50 metres and a length of 150 metres.

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