Chinese Gender Predictor Table Method of calculating pregnancy and predicting the Gender of a child

The Chinese table is one of the common methods for predicting the sex of a child. The method of calculation of pregnancy in the Chinese table has ancient historical origins and is based on various data.

The Chinese table is a special calculator that predicts the fetus’s sex with some data such as lunar age.

The embryo is male or female, so you find a lot of looking for how to know the Gender of Embryo in the mother’s womb, and the method of knowing the fetus Gender through the Chinese table is known for hundreds of years.

Chinese table to know the Gender of Embryo

There are a lot of sites that offer a Chinese table that predicts the Gender of Embryo, and we’ll put you a link to the Chinese table directly from “”.

to Use the Chinese table you have to Enter the date of fertilization and the date of birth.

The Chinese schedule to determine the Gender of your future child by Chinese lunar age at the time of pregnancy.

If the Chinese table is not a fact in determining the Gender of the Embryo, it is a tool for predicting the sex of the coming child, and the closest to be the probability of the sex of  50% male or female, and this before discovery of modern devices.

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