Chinese medicine .. Ancient techniques proved by science

Chinese medicine began to offer various types of unconventional methods in the treatment of many diseases in the second century BC, that is, a very large period, yet it is still ongoing and used so far, as Chinese treatment in those ways and means is one of the most famous medical techniques used in healing m Some diseases, and there are specialized centers in many countries.

Although it has not been possible to interpret a number of these methods, with the passage of time and the development of scientific research, many physicians and specialists have emphasized the benefits of Chinese treatment, but a number of these methods have proven their medicinal usefulness and their ability to treat a number of diseases.

Cupping in Chinese treatment

In this way, small cupping bottles are discharged from the air by heating them from the inside, and then they are placed on certain places in the body, where the skin is strongly sucked into those vacuum bottles of air, and modern science has interpreted that method as stimulating blood circulation and pumping blood inside All veins and arteries.

This helps to get rid of the pain and toxins inside the body, as well as to get rid of the lactic acid deposited within the cells of the body, and that method is used more widely and better in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory and digestive system.

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