Cloud Clipboard from Microsoft enables clipboard synchronize by windows 10 and Android

Microsoft recently announced the October update of the Windows 10 operating system. The update added a great feature called Cloud Clipboard, which allows users to synchronize clipboard items across devices, and more importantly, to provide this feature to mobile devices. The first applications to support this are a keyboard app SwiftKey.

Where a pop-up window is detected in the last Windows 10 update, specifically shown when you enable synchronization in the clipboard settings in the cloud, and the window says that you should get an application to synchronize the clipboard items on your phone.
As the window loads a link when clicked, you will be redirected to a “Coming Soon” page with a prompt to download the SwiftKey Beta application for Android, with no similar application being reported on the other iOS operating system.

Keep in mind that this feature is not yet available in SwiftKey Beta for Android. As mentioned earlier, you will soon be prompted to download the SwiftKey Beta application and wait for it to be available with an upcoming update.

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