Coca-Cola is seeking to produce marijuana drinks

Coca-Cola International is seeking to take a transitional step that could be a shock to a number of its fans.

Coca-Cola is currently in talks with Orora Canapes to produce cannabis to produce marijuana-based beverages, according to Reuters, citing Canadian news agency “BN Bloomberg”.

The report, issued by the Canadian News Agency, citing informed sources, that the two companies seek from behind this agreement, to provide health-focused drinks, which will reduce inflammation, pain and contractions.

“Along with others in the beverage industry, we are closely monitoring the growth of non-psychotropic cannabidiol as a component of functional health drinks around the world,” said Coca-Cola. “Canapidiol is a component of cannabis .

The US company has confirmed that it has not taken decisions at the moment, and it will not comment on further speculation currently deployed.

While Aurora said in a separate statement it would not discuss business development initiatives with Coca-Cola until it was completed, but added that it had expressed interest in the area of ​​the beverage being grown and planned to break into the market.

The partnership between Coca-Cola and Aurora will be the first entry to a major non-alcoholic beverage market in the market for cannabis-related products.

The previous report, with the United States taking additional measures, to further legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Canada, where Aurora is based, is set to fully legalize marijuana use in October.

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