Colored picture showing a man carrying a mobile phone in 1943!

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Social networking sites discover “amazing secret” in a picture dating back to 1943, There was widespread debate in social networking sites about a photograph taken in 1943, in which some people spotted a traveler through time.

The story began with the publication of a technician photography named Stewart Humphris, who practices the coloring of old photos, a picture dating back to 1943 on his Twitter account.

The picture shows a number of vacationers on the beach, including a man carrying an unidentified object in his both hands.

Observers found in the way the man carried the unknown object and his status as he looks, similar to the way the contemporaries examine their smart phones.

“Does it seem to me or am I wrong to have a smart phone in his hands?” someone Asked.

What this person went to immediately found a large number of supporters and supporters in their comments in particular, and several of them asserted that the man is “traveling in time”!

Others did not fling their imagination away, and one assumed that the man might not do more than roll a cigarette, and another saw that he was eating a piece of ice cream, and a third suggested that the man was wearing a traditional wristwatch.

Still, dreamers persisted in their insistence that man was a traveler from later eras, as people longed for imagination and mystery and were quickly overwhelmed by everyday events!

what do you think the man is holding by his hands?

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