Corning develops a flexible, resilient protection layer for folding phones

The company, famous for its Gorilla Glass protection layer, is developing a new version of the glass screens that are retractable and are expected to be available in final form less than two years ago.

The company’s general manager, John Bayne, disclosed that the challenge currently facing the firm is to develop the protective layer with very little thickness that allows it to bend without minimizing its ability to protect the phone screen underneath.

Corning is used to finance from Apple and other companies in addition to its own financing in the innovation of its new product. Apple had invested $200 million to support R & D efforts.

It seems that Apple is already interested in this area and has recently filed a patent application for a mobile phone that is likely to be shot by the company next year.

The work of korning on the development of a scalable protection layer a few days after the discovery of the two largest companies to manufacture smartphones Samsung and Huawei for their folding smartphones. The two companies use their phone to manufacture a plastic screen and not glass to enable it to fold.

The aim of the cordon is to make the protective layer slim up to 0.1 mm thickness to allow the manufacture of folding telephones ranging from 6-10 mm.

It is worth mentioning that the company of Corning has a Willow glass product which is able to be tempered as paper, but it is impossible to use for smartphones because of the way it is manufactured that need to be immersed in brine.

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