crows wisdom and their ability to learn proved by Video

crows can create tools based on memory, and they can develop their skills by creating and re-applying a mental image of a problem, which usually distinguishes human beings only.

Researchers have put in a quiz as part of a test designed to train them to build cardboard forms, a research that receives a reward when they succeed in the task. They found a clear improvement in the designs, as the crows re-created the patterns that they trained to get the reward.

Two researchers from the University of Cambridge and Oakland trained 8 Caledonian vultures to drop different paper pieces in the reward machine, where the reward varies depending on the size of the paper clip.


Once trained crows to identify the required sizes to get a bonus, the research team found that the crows tore the pieces to form the cartoon clips are similar in size with the pieces of paper that led to receiving the reward previously.

This indicates that the crows were able to form a mental image of the designs.

Wrote the authors of the research paper in the results: “In humans, it is believed that the cumulative cultural development depends on a unique set of cognitive abilities, including teaching and language. Show recent study some of the hallmarks of the cumulative culture of crows, but this is a controversial claim, because these birds It does not seem to imitate. one alternative hypothesis is that the tool used by the crows can be culturally transmitted through the mental template matching process. ”

“This means that the pups can use or control other crows, create a mental mold to design a particular instrument, and then remodel it, a process similar to learning birds,” the researchers said.

Although Caledonian crows do not seem to notice or closely follow the tool manufacturing process in the wild, the design of the tools for the vortex in different regions has spanned at least several decades and has improved over time.

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