“crying therapy groups” are getting widely popular in Japan

“Crying classes” or crying therapy groups in Japanese schools and companies to relieve stress and maintain mental health are becoming increasingly popular.

According to the Japan Times, these lessons are becoming popular among staff and students.

According to experts, tears are a means of self-defense against accumulated tension.

The retired professor, Hedvumi Yoshida, who calls himself the “crying teacher”, teaches special lessons about the benefits of crying and how to relieve tension, as well as lessons in sleep and relaxation.

According to Yoshida, tears should be stimulated through emotional films, sad music and inspirational books.

Yoshida spoke of a lesson in tears at a private school in Osaka on September 7, attended by 79 students, where the students watched a sad film, then asked them to write an article to cry.

In 2015, Japan had passed a draft law for its companies that more than 50 employees would submit a test known as stress testing for employees.

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