Daily use of aspirin is a risk for older people

A recent health study warned older adults from taking aspirin in daily basis, increasing the risk of fatal internal bleeding.

According to the study, experts warned of self-treatment with aspirin, although it was prescribed by doctors to patients after a heart attack or stroke, as it reduces blood and reduces clotting and thus reduces the chances of recurrence.

The latest study included about 20,000 people over 70 years in the United States and Australia. They were all in good health and had no heart problems. They were given half a day’s dose of aspirin for five years.
The results showed that the tablets did not reduce the risk of heart problems or any other benefits, but also increased the number of cases of major gastric bleeding.

“The results do not apply to people taking aspirin because of a heart attack or stroke, but they should continue to follow the doctor’s advice,” the researchers said.

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