“De la Rue” currency Printer for more than 150 countries

In the world of money and hard currency, few companies and institutions can control things, but if we want to discuss the greatest of them at all, we will certainly delve into the famous De La Roe printing house.

The giant company was founded by Thomas de la Rue, founded in 1813, starting in the English capital of London, through the printing of gambling papers and the like, the design that the company invented, to be followed by the rest of the printing companies to play gambling so far .

Then the company began to develop by printing the stamps of many provinces and areas of the British Empire, and then print stamps to Italy, and a number of US states as well as to do the famous stamps for the colony of Cape of Good Hope at the time.

Some even confirm that the company was the first to manufacture ink pens in Britain, which shows that it did not specialize in printing only, but extended to manufacture other objects close to its main area.
But the great transformation of the British institution took place almost fifty years later, in 1860, when the final printing of paper money was finally completed. The British Pound edition, the five-pound paper and the ten shillings were printed for Mauritius.

Then the opening started more and more. The printing company began to print to other countries such as India, which happened in 1930, until it came to win the responsibility of printing money for the Bank of England in 2003.

The company has been growing year by year and decade after decade, until the company, which began more than 200 years ago, has become the most prominent and oldest among the world’s money-making institutions.

It is enough to mention that De La Rue is now printing its own currency in about 150 countries around the world, in addition to printing passports and ID cards for more than 65 countries, which indicates the confidence of the British institution Origin, which began as a small company to print gambling cards in London, to become the best in the world.

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