Denmark in the process of establishing a closed island for refugees

The state of Denmark has decided to reconstruct a deserted island within its border area to transport immigrants and asylum-seekers for repatriation to their countries later.

The British newspaper “Sun” reported that Lindholm Island will be the new place for all immigrants and refugees arriving in Denmark, the island is around 17,000 square kilometers in the Gulf of Stig, and is about 2.4 kilometers from the Danish shore.

The newspaper also indicated that the population would be divided into degrees depending on their seriousness and socio-economic status, as some would be given the opportunity to move between the island and other Danish cities through ships that would move them from there.

The Conservative coalition government in Denmark has said it should check once a night the movement of immigrants and refugees.

The Danish People’s anti-immigrant party has encouraged the adoption of the move.

The island is currently used as a research site of the Veterinary Institute, but the scientists working at the institute will evacuate it, in anticipation of the opening of the anticipated prison in 2021.

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