Details of the attack on a Jewish temple in Pennsylvania

Police in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said they were dealing with a shooting incident at a Jewish temple in the city.

The incident occurred at the temple of the “Tree of Life” in the Squirrel Hill area of Pittsburgh, and called on everyone to refrain from entering the area, the police said, adding that they would publish more details later.

Local journalists published photographs and video footage from the scene, showing a heavy police presence in the area, according to the Russia-today website.

At least three US policemen were killed in a shootout with the Pittsburgh attackers in Pennsylvania after an armed attack on a synagogue there that killed at least eight people.

US police have detained a person who shot at the Attendees of a synagogue in Pennsylvania on Saturday, leaving a number of dead. “The gunman turned himself in to the police after an exchange of fire with them,” The US CBS News Channel reported.

“Four people were killed on the first floor of the temple, while three others were killed inside the basement,” the channel said.

US President Donald Trump said he was following the attack on a synagogue in Pennsylvania, confirming the fall of a number of victims.

Trump wrote a tweet on his Twitter account on Saturday «I follow the current events in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, law enforcement forces are present in the scene, all in the Squirrel Hill area must take shelter». “There seems to be a number of victims, beware of the attackers,” Trump said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his sorrow and condemnation of the armed attack on a synagogue in Pennsylvania, which left eight dead.

“The Prime minister felt sad and shocked after the criminal attack on Pittsburgh today,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s office said on Saturday.

“We stand side by side with the American people in the face of this anti-Semitic brutality,” the statement added.

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