“Disney Plus” will be the name of Disney’s online video service

Disney has long announced that it is launching a special service to broadcast content online but we did not know the name until the company announced today that it has chosen the name “Disney Plus” for the new service.

The company confirmed the previous broadcast of service which will be launched at the end of next year 2019 and of course will provide all the content of Disney and its affiliates such as Star Wars and Marvel in addition to the content of Fox Studios acquired months ago.

Of course, the new service will be a fierce competitor to current services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO GO, especially as it will feature the content of the Disney, which the company began to attempt to restrict and withdraw from the competitive services to be available exclusively in the Disney Plus network later.

Also in the news, Disney announced that it is finalizing a lot of special content for the new service, including a lot of films, serials and documentaries that will be announced successively in the coming period.

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