Disney warns epilepsy patients from watching their latest movies

In an unprecedented move, Disney has issued a warning to viewers about the second part of it’s new film, “The Incredibles 2,” which is now on display in cinemas.

On Friday, June 15, the American production company ordered a circular for all cinemas that a warning should be given to viewers before the movie was shown that it included scenes with flashing and bright lights that could cause seizures in infected people Epilepsy or migraines.

“The film” The Incredibles 2 “contains a series of flashing lights, which may affect viewers who are sensitive to flashing images of images or other images,” says the warning text, which was shared through social media.

The “Disney” warning comes after some of the people who saw the film on Friday said some of its scenes contained bright lights that could hurt people suffering from epilepsy or migraines.

The Epilepsy Foundation issued a statement on concerns that epileptics may suffer seizures during the screening of the film. “We appreciate the efforts already made by some theaters to send warning signals to people waiting to watch the film.”

New York’s Pixar and The Incredibles 2 topped the US box office with $ 180 million after it knocked out Ocean’s 8, the female version of Ocean’s Eleven, From the front of the net, which was only $ 79 million within two weeks of the show.

“The Incredibles 2” is the second part of the film, released in 2004, and has achieved great success in the cinema.

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