Does the ostrich really bury his head in the sand?

They say that a person who refuses to face his problems or refuses to look at things realistically is like ostriches burying his head in the sand. What is the historical charge of those huge birds that can not fly? Do you really escape their crises by burying her head in the sand?


Bury the head in the sand

For many years and decades, many people from around the world have cited ostriches to suggest that the escape of some of their crises is like the ostrich’s way of avoiding enemies when she puts her head in the sand for fear of them.


I think everyone who echoed that analogy that burying the ostrich in the sand is a normal procedure, and she thinks that in this way the enemies can not see her, since she does not see them, pointing to another charge that stuck to those huge birds, But also with extreme stupidity.


Does the ostriches really bury her head in the sand? Does it do so in the belief that it is hidden from the eyes of those who prey on it just because it can not see them?


The fact of myth

Animal experts confirm that the decades-old charge of ostrich is a false accusation, not only because the ostrich does not hide his head for fear of predators, as some believe, but because these huge birds can not bury their heads in the sand, otherwise suffocating!


It turns out that the mistaken belief that many of them have already made is due to the vision of the tall ostrich, which digs the earth to make a kind of quiet nest of its egg hatch and then uses its long beak to flip the eggs into the surface of the earth. Imagine most of those who saw this scene burying her head full in the sand, which can not happen as we mentioned, because it will then display the ostrich to death due to lack of oxygen and then suffocation.


Many people also have the same sense of burying ostriches in the sand when they eat their food from plants and grasses. They seem to have sunk their little heads into the ground, reinforcing the prevalence of this mythical belief, which is no more than a false accusation. With a cowardly and stupid bird, his giant size prevented him from enjoying the flight.

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