Drake Island Marine Fort for sale for $ 7.8 million

A historic British fort for sale for US $ 7.8 million is located on a small marine island called Drake, in the south of Devon County.

The fort is only 600 meters from the British city of Plymouth, on the southern coast of the United Kingdom, where the fort is expected to be converted into a private resort.

Commenting on the news, the royal family confirmed that it was considering all options that would rehabilitate the fortress and make effective use of it, after neglecting it for nearly 20 years.

The fortress dates back to the sixteenth century, a center of defense and logistical support. The fort contains an integrated network of underground tunnels.

The naval fortress played a prominent role in repelling the attacks of the French and Spanish fleets, which had long targeted the English mainland, especially during the sixteenth century. Later, the fort was converted into a heavily guarded prison and then to a civilian shelter.

Eventually, the facility was converted into a training center for adventurers, which was finally closed in 1989, where the island has remained intact.

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