Eating Chicken skin .. When is useful for the body and when to be harmful?

Contrary to our common idea, a recent British study revealed that chicken skin is beneficial to the human body because it contains high-quality nutrients

The study, published in The Guardian newspaper, shows that the most beneficial fats for human health are found in the chicken body, indicating that it contains the acid or oleic acid, a psychic acid rich in “Omega 9” mono saturation.

The components available in chicken skin contribute to improving mental abilities, stimulating memory, preserving nerve integrity, helping the brain function, preventing atherosclerosis and strokes, as well as regulating hormones and raising the immune system’s ability to fight disease.

When is chicken skin harmful ??

Despite all these benefits, the newspaper pointed out that this applies only to those who eat chicken skin moderately, noting that the multiplication, especially grilled in oil leads to a high level of cholesterol in the blood.

According to the study, the newspaper advised to eat the skin crunchy and well cooked, taking care that the skin of the chickens are raised naturally on the herbs and seeds and not hormone-fed, because in this case hormones are concentrated in the skin layer and becomes very harmful to health.

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