EU plans to put a lie detector with face recognition technology on its borders

In a new system called “Iborderctrl” or the smart border system, the European Union seeks to ease traffic congestion on its external borders and facilitate work on checkpoints, in addition to the purposes of safety and reduce the rate of illegal immigration, where 700 million people enters the union annually, The number is in increment, according to the European Commission website.

The new system will be activated within six months, as the devices will be available at 4 border crossings, in Greece, Latvia and Hungary, which are countries with borders with other countries that do not belong to the EU, and the system will be funded by the European Union in the amount of €4501877.

Iborderctrl system will be an integrated system with a first step in which the traveler must apply and fill in some data on the network and upload the necessary documents such as passport and visa; and then he will ask some questions by the virtual border Guard at the time of the face vs webcam connected to the smart system, Which will determine the nature of his answers based on analyzing and measuring the rate of scores of his exact facial expressions to determine whether he is lying or not.

If the passenger arrives in the border area, he will be treated according to his or her prior answers, and the lowest risk according to the classification of the system will be examined routinely and quickly the other two most dangerous will be taking more data from them and resorting to collect their bio-metric information.

It cannot be asserted that the new system will be applied to its current rules as it is now in the purely experimental phase, that it may receive some updates before it can be applied effectively, according to the Working group that the rate of success of the system in their previous experiences has reached 76% Confirm result with confidence to reach 85%, in addition The most important point is that the regime will not prevent anyone from crossing the border.

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