European city issues licenses to beggars

Sweden’s municipal council in Eskilstuna has adopted a decree requiring beggars to obtain a license to count the destitute population and monitor potential trafficking, Swedish public radio reported.

According to the decree, which was adopted by the absolute majority “to obtain permission from the police to collect money, mandatory in some geographical areas,” the decree comes into force on October 1 and will cost the license 150 kronor ($ 17).

The decree aims to allow associations and social assistance agencies to communicate with the poor, according to the promoters of the decree “and help them to return to their countries” if necessary.

The decree should be approved by the provincial authorities and may be considered unconstitutional.

In Eskilstuna, with a population of 69,000 and located about 100 kilometers west of the capital Stockholm, as in other Swedish cities, Roma from Romania and Bulgaria have been in the streets for years

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