Facebook develops voice over skin technology for help deaf people To hear again

The unit “Building 8”, specialized in the development of secret technologies in Facebook is working on the production of unique technology to help the hearing impaired, according to The website “Vesty”.

It seems that a team of “Building 8” led by the famous doctor, Freddy Ebenus, develops a special technique for hearing across the skin, will help the deaf ones, whose health does not allow surgery for the cochlea, to hear again.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology is the manufacture of special smart belts placed on the wrist, capable of converting the sounds to certain vibrations felt by the deaf person, as well as the transfer of signals from the The surrounding and converting it to words read by the person on the screen of his phone or smart device.

To test the technology, Facebook asked 12 volunteers to undergo language-specific vibration testing, which currently translates to 39 voices, and volunteers have succeeded in accurately interpreting the sounds of 92%.

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