Facebook is working on a TV with a camera to allow live streaming and video conversations

At the beginning of this month, Facebook launched the portal and Portal + to easily share video calls with the help of the Alexa voice assistant, but what if that step was just the beginning? The Cheddar website indicated the company’s desire to build a TV with a camera to provide live streaming service.

While Portal devices provide video chats, browse some programs, and listen to music on tablets, it means that the device is closer to a home assistant with a screen that offers video conferencing, but in any case the device remains limited.

Facebook seems to want more competition in the market of interactive devices and televisions in the way of Amazon, Apple and google, where you think about the development of a television device but with a camera offering broadcast services or video conversations; but the difference that Amazon for example offers interactive televisions as small devices, Facebook seems determined to develop it in a more integrated way.

The natural thing we can see is the company’s development of a “Ripley” or “Portal TV” device, facebook will add a camera and features TVs along with the services of its recently launched devices to convert normal screens to a huge portal.

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