Facebook loophole allows access to images of 6.8 million users

Facebook announced via its blog on Friday that its team has discovered a software loophole that allows third-party applications to access the images of the user who logs on to those applications through his account on the social platform, where the access process is the limit allowed for images that may be set by third-party applications as soon as Approval of the pairing data between the platform and the application, which normally includes images that the user publishes on his or her home page only, to include a number of other images such as those that have been shared in the shopping platforms and that are contained in the story window in his profile.

Facebook reported that the number of users whose images were exposed to the effects of this gap amounted to 6.8 million people as their registration to enter their Facebook accounts for more than 1500 applications built by 876 developers, while noting their work to launch software tools next week that will help developers To see the users of their applications who have been affected by the problem and work to scan their images, and at the same time to alert the users of the platform who have suffered the problem via Facebook notifications to make sure that they are affected by applications included in the list that Facebook will explain through the notice and have used them in the past.

While the company apologized for this error, it regretted how long the user images remained available for third-party applications under the gap that lasted from 13 to 25 September 2018.

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