Facebook offers a feature to identify someone to manage the account and memorialize the user after death

Strange things in Facebook are not always exhilarating, the world’s largest social network is constantly providing new services and features to its users to spread joy among them, but this time the subject was different because the company provided a new advantage to allow people to share the praise of a person after his death to perpetuate Memory, and allows you to select a user to manage this command.

By clarifying the matter more, Facebook has enabled the account to be assigned to an old contact or “legacy contact”, so any user can adjust his or her calculation to allow it to be permanently deleted after his death, remove all data, or assign a friend to take control of the account at the time of death and by this step the account will become a reminder With the deceased and will be placed next to the name “in memory of…”, and now the company has made it possible to write tribute to deceased persons for their memory, and these words will appear in publications on the page of the deceased to be a good memory around them, and the person appointed to manage the account will work to identify those publications, as will be It can install its own publication at the top of the page.

Facebook says that this does not mean that anyone enters the account, but it will remain visible as a memory of friends and the person authorized to administer it will be able to accept the friendship requests (through his personal account) from the family for example or change the personal image, or delete the reference from the publications of others so as not to appear on the page Deceased.

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