Facts that you don’t know about the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a major landmark in the United States of America and a major component of culture and tourism, but what some do not know is that this statue has no origin in America. It is a gift from the French people, who arrived in New York in 1885 in the presence of nearly 200,000 A person, watching the French boat Iser, is taking him to the port.

Do you know his real name?

Everyone used to call this American “Statue of Liberty”, but his real name, as his designer Frederick Auguste called it, “Freedom illuminates the world”, which symbolizes a woman freed from tyranny.


In fact, the “Statue of Liberty” is not the only known name for many, but there are also many nicknames that some have launched on the statue according to what they see from their point of view. Among them are “The Great Lady”, “The High Lady” The Lady of America, the Lady of the Harbor, the Mother of the Exiles, the Spirit of American Independence, the Mother of Liberty.

Green is not its color

The majority believe that the color of this great statue is green, but brown is its primary color. Over time, with the oxidation of copper, it turns brown to green, which we see in 1906.

Some think that at first sight this lady has the nails on top of her head, and others think he is a crown. But the fact is that Frederick wanted to make these seven symbols as seven seas or seven continents as some have said, Many see it as the broken chains and restraints on which the statue stands, and the right foot of the Lady also has a slight rise from these restrictions, which is a sign of keeping away from slavery, tyranny and oppression.

The Golden Statue

Frederick had more plans on the statue. He wanted to cover it completely with gold to make it clear and easy to see, even in darkness, but he found it very difficult because of its high cost, which would have been twice the original value of the statue.

Great climbing

Until 1916, and if you had the courage, you could climb the statue and climb to the top of the torch as many tourists did at that time, and that was before things changed completely after the explosion of Black Tom Island. The force of the explosion was like a 5.5 degree earthquake, Causing shrapnel to scatter 25 miles away and causing a lot of damage, which led to the closure of the flame mainly due to damage caused by the explosion.

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