FedEx unveils “sameday Bot” self-driving vehicle for parcel delivery

Self-driving delivery services through small delivery units became important with the high volume of the global purchasing and delivery market, Amazon developed the Drones ‘ planes and then a small box-sized cart to deliver nearby orders, the same thing as a number of emerging projects, Today it was the turn on FedEx that revealed its chariot sameday Bot.

The FedEx Sameday Bot operates in a self-driving system that allows orders to be delivered from the place of purchase to the recipient automatically without the need for large human interventions, thus reducing costs and the human element at work, as it has 4 main wheels and two front wheels to help skip Off-road or bumps at the top there is a box that is open to the user only.

The cart carries a battery that helps it move and can walk at a rate of 10 miles per hour, and you can recognize streets and signals and deal with traffic automatically thanks to the automated driving system that deals with LIDAR sensors to measure the distance of the vehicle from the surrounding objects as well as intelligence Artificial.

Through its new vehicle, FedEx aims to provide connectivity in partnership with local stores in the United States such as Walmart, Targt and others, saying that most consumers live 3 miles or less from the shops, which means near the place and easy delivery.

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