Find out about Vanda, the last of Dendrobium Ripper Productions

Dendrobium develops a new super electric car, dubbed “Vanda “.

The new car comes with a XP-2 design similar to that of its elder sister, but it comes with modified lines that make it more dramatic, according to the site “Maes Times”.

The company added that the new car was made of carbon fibre as in the case of its previous car.

The company noted that carbon fibre helps to reduce the weight of the car and improve its performance, and is also expected to bring the car to the Geneva fair this year.

The car is also intended to be equipped with electric motors, the most important of which will be the acquisition of batteries with fixed condition.

The car designer Gordon Mirori has worked on several previous projects including Jaguar XJR-15, Lotus Esprit and others.

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