Flickr will keep all Creative Commons license photos

Flickr has announced that all images on its service with the Creative Commons license and the general use license will be protected and exempted from the limits of image lifting. This protection includes previously uploaded photos and all that will be uploaded starting today.

This means that all images placed under the Creative Commons license and general use will be made available free of charge to any user who can upload and share them through the service.

The Flickr platform includes 500 million images, and in November it announced that it would begin to set restrictions on free accounts where it could only upload up to 1,000 images, including even licensed photos under the Creative Commons, which aroused the concern of lovers of sharing those images through the service as each free account has thousands of images It would have been deleted and only the allowable number of thousand images would be sufficient.

Then, Flickr announced that the new restrictions on photo lifting would not include what had been lifted previously but only the new images, and today’s announcement comes to confirm that the Creative Commons is exempt from this restriction.

The service announced that it would grant free paid memberships to NGOs, government, institutes and service institutions.

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