Foods that affect the behavior of your child

The nature of the child’s behavior in the day depends significantly on the nature of his diet, and hyperactivity, tension, and lack of focus are the most prominent behavioral problems of the child, which are widespread among children, but what foods that affect the Child behavior?

Food colors

Delicious foods such as spinach, biscuits, and other foods contain food coloring, and studies have proven that it is directly related to hyperactivity in children and poor concentration.


Exaggerating the child’s intake of sugars leads to the secretion of large quantities of insulin in the blood, which increases the body’s energy and thus to the problem of hyperactivity.

Soft drinks

In addition to having a high percentage of sugar in these drinks, they also contain caffeine, which is a stimulant of nerves, which will affect the behavior of the child increased tension, nervousness, hyperactivity and weakness of concentration.

Materials that are sensitive to the child

Sensitivity to certain types of foods or foods is available in children, and may be easy for parents to observe, but the mistake in some parents is to allow children to eat these foods if the external effect of the sensitivity is slight, Child behavior affects these foods more than the physical impact, may cause eating stress and nervousness of the child.

It may be difficult for parents to impose a certain diet on the child, and it may also be impossible to prevent them from eating sugars, or delicious foods, but it can be reduced to lower rates than to reduce the negative impact on them, and may be preparing dishes It is also recommended that the child be involved in the process of preparing healthy food, which will make him prefer to eat a dish Contributed to the manufacture of these substances harmful to health and behavioral balance.

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