Foods that are prohibited during treatment with antibiotics

In patients treated with antibiotics, to stay away from acidic fruits, such as orange and lemon, as well as grapefruit, reduce the chances of the body, in terms of the absorption of good therapeutic antibiotics, delaying the process of healing.

here is some Foods that are not allowed during antibiotics treatments

In addition to other famous damage related to soft drinks, including soda, the acidity of these drinks comes to add additional damage to the human, which may be infected if the drinks are taken during the treatment with antibiotics, which is also the damage to slow the process of treatment through those pharmaceutical.

Dietary fiber
Foods such as oatmeal, or brown rice, although they carry a lot of dietary fiber, have multiple benefits for human health. They are harmful when combined with antibodies, making it difficult to deliver antibiotics to the bloodstream. Of the usual.

Dairy products
In spite of the amazing benefits that the body gets when it gets calcium, available in milk and milk products, the presence of this beneficial metal is completely incompatible with the presence of antibiotic in the body, where the chances of absorption of those treatments in that case, taking into account that yogurt is the only product Which can be excluded from dairy products, since it compensates for the absence of beneficial bacteria, which are expelled by antibiotics.

Meat and spinach
At a time when meat and spinach are also characterized by good proportions of iron, it is indicated that these ratios will affect the work of antibiotics during the disease, prevent the absorption of the body to him as required, to contrast with the recovery quickly.

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