Foods that have a negative effect on teeth

Everyone without exception wishes to have a wonderful smile, keep teeth safe from any drawbacks, but they are looking for a way to do it.

Healthy teeth can be detected periodically by doctors, as well as avoid exposure to food and drinks constantly, it has been shown to have very negative effects on teeth when exaggerated, as shown by these pictures.


Although it is known for blueberries specifically, it has great health benefits for those who eat it, such as strengthening memory and immunity in general. However, taking it too much is harmful to the shape of the teeth, so it turns yellow very simply over time.

potato chips

These delicious chips consist of carbohydrates, which are transformed with mixing oral saliva into glucose, which is one of the main causes of dental cavity, as well as sedimentation, so the teeth should be washed thoroughly after each time.

Chewing gum

Some believe that sugar-free chewing gum does not have any risk to teeth, which is a misconception, causing problems for tooth fillings. In addition, the mouthpiece greatly increases saliva secretions, leading to increased alkaline secretions, which weaken tooth enamel.


Like chipsy chips, popcorn contains carbohydrates that are very easily converted to glucose that hurts the teeth, and weakens them, so you have to think carefully before buying this tasty food every time you watch a movie.


Just like any type of fruit, tomatoes are acidic, which affects the teeth and increases their sensitivity. Therefore, it is recommended not to eat too much tomatoes, or by adding them to other dishes.

Bread and potatoes

Foods containing starch are often easily bonded to the teeth and then stabilized within the mouth for long periods of time. These tend to cause the teeth to experience various problems, which are produced with the transformation of starch into harmful sugars when mixed with oral saliva.

Dried fruits

While it is a delicacy, the dried fruit has serious characteristics to the teeth, for easy adherence, specifically the large amounts of sugars present in them, leading to the cavity of teeth, as well as the destruction of enamel severely.


Although the fluorine found in tea is one of the most beneficial minerals of the body, the frequent intake of tea several times a day has different negative effects on the teeth and bones as well. Get tea about 4 times per day.

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