For the first time in the world Free transportation in this European country

A European state decided to cancel tickets for public transport, in a step that is the first of its kind worldwide.

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail”, the country of Luxembourg decided to cancel the prices of trains, trams and buses in the next summer of 2019, as part of the plans of the re-elected coalition government led by Xavier Beetle.

The Luxembourg government has resorted to this step in order to encourage motorists to leave their car and take public transportation, in order to solve the problem of traffic congestion, especially around the capital city of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg, the capital of the Grand Duchy, suffers the worst traffic congestion in the world, home to some 110,000 people, but also receives 400,000 people to work.

The total population of the Duchy is 600,000, of which 200,000 live in France, Belgium and Germany and cross the border daily to work in Luxembourg.

The ticket is priced for a 2-hour trip only, and due to the small size of the country, this cost may cover any trip, while the first-class train ticket costs EUR 3 and EUR 4 for a full day.

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