Four basic skills for a successful manager

World Directors ‘ Day takes place on the 16th of October each year, and aims to give thanks and gratitude to the workers in all fields to their managers, making there a relationship between them and helping to spread a spirit of cooperation within any institution.

This tradition began in the United States of America in 1958 through a woman named Patricia Pais, who was working at that time as a secretary of an insurance company in Deerfield, Illinois, and that day was set to coincide with her father’s birthday, which was a manager in the same company. Over time, after many had been inspired by the idea, the mayor of Illinois had adopted that day in 1964, becoming fully generalized to the state, and then at the level of the United States of America, after a period of global celebration and 1984 as an official holiday.

As part of the World Directors Day celebration, we will give you four basic skills that managers must have to be at the level of responsibility.


Managers must be self-aware of their abilities and skills and understand the abilities and skills of staff and employees, which greatly helps to understand the character of the characters you are dealing with, and it is easy to choose each person for the work that suits him and assigned to them.

This certainly helps them to do their jobs with ease and love at the same time, because they are commensurate with their abilities and potential and lead to a presence among staff and managers, and lead to fruitful cooperation between them in the interest of work and individuals at the same time.

The credibility

One of the most important skills and qualities that the manager must have to build bridges of trust between him and the staff, and this leads to their roles well, when the manager prepares them with certain rewards that must be fulfilled for them also to talk with them and discuss their problems both inside and outside of work need the credibility of Director.

Therefore, the Director of Labor must take the time to get acquainted with his staff, so that he reaches the mutual trust between them, which makes them discuss with generosity.

Continuous exercise

The director’s training on many matters related to his work is very important, as he is thus transferring the impact of that training to his staff, which makes them confident in him and his skills, especially if that training is personally gaining new skills related to that work and not being present in his staff and under his leadership.

The manager must not share with any information and skills that he can give to all his employees, and he should answer their questions that they always ask about the nature of some work-related matters, and be careful to convince them of those answers.

Be Open to those around you

You should be open to your employees and be honest with them. When sitting with them you must assure them that you are learning from them, that they must stand next to you and that you condone any mistakes you may have towards them, while confirming that those errors will be unintentional because they are modified among them all.

This must be done by deeds and not by words, and this will actually make them stand next to you and be keen on the success of the work and put you on the path to success.

At the end of the day, everyone must realize that working to succeed requires highly responsible staff and managers for each other, helping them to collaborate and strive to make their work a success.

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