French Prime Minister announces suspension of fuel tax increase

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will announce the suspension of the increase in fuel taxes caused by protests, violence and the recent rise of France, AFP reported.

French President Emmanuel Macron held an urgent security meeting on Monday with his country’s ministers and the head of the French government, in which he made all his own and did not rule out any choice, and the imposition of a state of emergency was not discussed during the talks and the meeting.

Emmanuel Macron cancelled a planned trip to Serbia to focus on finding solutions to the crisis, which worsened after the government announced an increase in fuel taxes, Culture minister Retester told reporters that French prime minister Philip would announce a strong initiative for reconciliation in the coming days, without mentioning the details.

The rise in fuel prices led to the protest of yellow jackets from different ages, occupations and geographical areas, on the Internet, and turned into a broader expression of outrage at the government’s disregard for the distress and anger of citizens, and there was no leader of the movement against the government.

The movement’s demands are based on the freezing of the government’s fuel-approved increases, which are due to be implemented next January.

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