Full Emmy Awards 2018 winners list

The Emmy Awards ceremony took place on Monday evening, 17 September, the “Game Of Thrones” and “The marvels Mrs. Maisel” were the most fortunate.

The series “Game of Thrones” won the award of the best drama series as the series (The marvels Mrs. Maisel) won the best comedy series.

Henry Winckler was named Best Supporting Actor in his comedy “Barry” for the first time in his life, even though he was 72 years old, after being nominated for the Emmy Award three times before.

Winckler won the award on Monday for his role as a teacher in the television series “Barry” starring Bill Hader, a producer of the network HBO.

Winkler was best known for his performance in “Happy Days,” which gave him three nominations for the Emmy Awards in the 1970s but never won. The series ended in 1984 after the installation of the character “Funze” as one of the most famous television personalities.

When he got up on stage yesterday, he joked that he had written a word of thanks for the award since “43 years” when he was first nominated for the Emmy Award for his role in the series “Happy Days.”

The Emmy Awards 2018 list was as follows:

Best Comedy Series: The marvels Mrs. Maisel.

Best drama series: Game Of Thrones.

Best limited series: The assassination of Gianni Farsatchi: The story of American crime

Best comedian actress: Rachel Proznan (The marvels Mrs. Maisel).

Best Actress: Bill Hider (Barry).

Best Actress: Claire Foy (The Crown).

Best Drama Actor: Matthew Reyes (The Americans).

Best Supporting Actress: Thandy Newtown (West World).

Best Supporting Dramatic Actor: Peter Dinklag (Laroche).

Best Supporting Comedy Actress: Henry Winkler (Barry).

Best Supporting Comedy Actress: Alex Borstein (Miss Meisel).

Best Actress for Limited Series: Regina King (Seven Seconds).

Best actor for a limited series: Darren Chris (The assassination of Gianni Farsatchi: The story of American crime).

Best Supporting Actress for a Limited Series: Merritt Weaver (Atheist).

Best Supporting Actor for a Limited Series: Jeff Daniels (Atheist).

Best Serial: Saturday Night Live.

Best Talk Talk Serial: The Last Week With John Oliver.

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