General Electric wins turbine platforms at Egypt’s first nuclear plant

General Electric has announced that it has won a contract to supply turbine platform equipment to the Al Dabaa nuclear power plant in Egypt through AAEM and its joint venture with Atomenergomash.

General Electric Energy is providing the initial design of four conventional platforms, four nuclear turbine generators, including half-speed Arabelle steam turbines, and on-site technical support during installation and operation of the equipment.

“Egypt is focusing on diversifying energy sources to support economic growth, and we are confident that the Dabaa nuclear power station, equipped with GE’s Arabelle technologies, And will be a strong driver towards these ambitious development goals. ”

Today, Arabelle turbines are generating more than 20 gigawatts of energy around the world, and we will support Dabaa project with our expertise and potential to provide the Egyptian electricity grid with CO2-free energy.

Demand for electricity in Egypt has been growing rapidly as a result of population growth and the expansion of industrial activities.

It is estimated that 1.5 gigawatts of new energy will be needed annually, an average of 6% per year until 2022.

Arabelle Steam turbines have been operating for 18 years and still maintain the world record for energy production. This unique technique can be used in all types of reactors, with a 2 percent greater capacity than traditional settings. Arabelle turbines in France achieved a 99.96 percent reliability rate during more than 400,000 hours of operation.

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