Google adds file encryption support on low-spec phones

Google has announced new file encryption technology for low-spec Android phones and smart devices whose processors do not support advanced encryption standards.

Adiantum is a dedicated Google file encryption technology for processors that operate with Cortex-A7 architecture and are especially found in smart watches, smart TVs and low-tech phones.

These devices do not have the AES Advanced Encryption Standard because its application will slow down the performance of the device either in browsing or opening applications, so Google introduced a new encryption mode Adiantum and spoke a lot of technical detail about its capabilities and strength to match known standards such as AES-256 so they provided Github What you need to know about it programmatically.

With the upcoming Android version it will become an essential part of it to be available on low-spec smartphones as one of the file encryption options, especially since Google’s requirements now force all new phones to use one of the file encryption algorithms.

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